Reporting Sex Offenders

Ensure the ‘child’ is under 18 years of age.

In order to ensure effective investigation and follow up -
attain as many details about the offender/offenders as possible.

Who to report?

What to report?

Useful details:

If the offender is a foreigner:

How to report?

Phone the 24 hour government free phone number 1300 (for reports in English 9am-5pm only)
For reports in English after working hours phone 0813072111 (FACE - Fight Against Child Exploitation)

Email (TRAFCORD - Anti-Trafficking Unit for Northern Thailand)

Report it to the offender’s embassy in Thailand. If reporting to an embassy, establish if there is a police liaison officer that you can communicate with. Click for listing of embassies and consulates in Thailand

ไทย (Thai Language)


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