New Campaign

"Protect the children you aim to help and educate. Take effective child protection measures’".

HOTS is currently producing multimedia material to help local children’s institutions develop effective child protection measures.

Ongoing Campaign

"Stop the child sex trade. Take action….report offenders".

Campaign material

The campaign materials created for the first HOTS campaign contain a clear message,"Stop the child sex trade. Take action….report offenders".It highlights that sex with someone under 18 years of age is a crime in Thailand and it provides contact details to report offenders.

HOTS produced a variety of campaign materials in different mediums for distribution in Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand. This material continues to be distributed through supporting NGOs, government agencies, schools, groups and individuals.

Transportation, billboard and outdoor advertising together with local media advertising ensured that the campaign materials were highly visible in key locations (Chiangmai Airport and Immigration building) and publications. Posters, bookmarks, postcards, T-shirts and other merchandise were also produced and freely distributed to help raise awareness.

Cycle rickshaws used by tourists and locals around the old town and tourist area were fitted with brightly coloured, eye-catching banners carrying the campaign message. The banners were produced for an organised rickshaw parade and then continued to be displayed over the high tourist seasons. Tuk tuk transportation also advertise the HOTS campaign message on large strikingly designed banners

The local cable TV and channel 11 supported the HOTS campaign by regularly screening the HOTS animation entitled 'Journey into the child sex trade'. This animation was created using the street children's artwork and it includes details of how to report offenders. The animation is universal in understanding as it uses only ambient sounds and effects.

Click here to view animation

A short video documentary was produced by HOTS with the participation of cross-border and street children. This documentary was broadcasted on local TV stations and 3000 VDCs continue to be distributed and circulated in Thailand.

Click here to view documentory

HOTS produced public service announcements in Thai, Karen, Akha, Lisu and Lahu. Hill tribe actors and media professionals helped HOTS with the production of the PSAs in the four hill tribe languages. These PSAs continue to be broadcast via community and university radio stations in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai province and they have also reached a wider audience in Myanmar.

Click here to listen and download PSAs


HOTS has conducted free education and training sessions on combating the commercial sexual exploitation of children through community action. These education sessions were specifically created for various community groups, NGOs, students, media professionals, etc and included a range of participatory approaches and mediums.

Drama, puppet shows, story- telling, animations, film, art and more conventional training methods were used to raise public awareness and reach a wider public.

HOTS has also collaborated with ECPAT to help organise a training in Chiang Mai for police and other NGOs working to combat child sex tourism.


HOTS coordinated with various government staff, child protection agencies, non-government organisations, law enforcement, universities, private businesses and civil society to further the aims of the first HOTS campaign. HOTS has helped develop the capacity of local people and organisations to help recognise, monitor and report abuse.

ไทย (Thai Language)


In order to prevent offenders from operating further underground it is important to widen the network of those committed to addressing the problem of the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

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